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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Presenting--Our Last Senior Prom

 Since Molly is a Senior and she's my baby, I've been thinking alot about how many 'lasts' we're experiencing!
Our last prom, the last prom dress, the last corsage and boutonniere, the last Promenade, the last all night Prom Party, the last...., the last...., the last.....

 Last formal photo in front of the Fireplace

Les and our Youth Pastor, Mike, were asked to MC the Promenade

Molly and her date, Josh and her bff, Sarah 
(not to be confused with her sister, Sarah)

Me, trying to decide which 'right' they mean during the Cha Cha Slide

Les, shaking his booty

Josh and Molly

Saturday Night Fever!

Molly and Bobbi--Cousins


marymary said...

Wow, she's so grown up! She's beautiful and you and Les clean up pretty good too!

Sarah Castor said...

We can still do formal photos in front of the fire place! Molly and I still are yet to be married! Haha!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

She's gorgeous! And how fun that you could be a part of it all!

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