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Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Wonderful Daughters

(I know, I should have posted this earlier, but school's drawing to a close, graduation is coming up, there is something every night and I'm just plain tired! So bear with me here!)

I've had an awesome Mother's day week!  The girls plotted and planned and Sarah executed the gifts since Molly was at school with me.

Monday:  Sonic Diet Coke!

Tuesday:  Banana Nut Muffin from the bakery

Wednesday:  Flowers and a decorated cupcake

Thursday:  Basket of awesome office supplies

Friday:  Lunch at Taco Factory

 (Ha!  We forgot the camera so here's a cruise meal picture! Why am I looking at Sarah like that???)

Sunday:  Time with me!  And Molly sat with me in church!

I found out today that I have taught them something.  Besides the use of sarcasm, I mean.

We were in the pickup on the way to my parents and Les had found a CD we hadn't listened to in awhile.  We were singing along to "Little Big Town" and talking about harmonizing and the girls both said they learned to sing sitting with me in church!  Wow!  Les is the singer and I've always felt a poor second to his awesome voice so that really surprised me and about made me cry!

Other things (they say) I've taught them:
To love random bits of information
How to measure flour and brown sugar
To enjoy and perhaps prefer crispy (overdone!) cookies
How to cite information for research papers
To give butterfly kisses
How to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome
To love and appreciate old (and perhaps sometimes musty and dusty) stuff
How to French Braid
That I will kill them if they get pregnant before they are married

Things they've taught me.
It's probably ok to lick your plate in the privacy of your own home
You can tell the difference between dirty and clean clothes in the same pile
Laugh, laugh, laugh
A little fit throwing sometimes can get alot accomplished
Sleep is good
America's Next Top Model can be addicting
Don't be afraid to try new things
Always carry your camera and a journal

Thanks girls, I had a terrific week!

(p.s. I had planned to post about all the awesome women in my life with pictures of moms, grandmas and great-grandmas.  I thought I would.  I'm thoughtful like that....I just wish I could follow through on my thoughtfulness...maybe next year!)


Freckled Hen said...

I actually got a lump in my throat reading this. As the mother of two teenage girls I found your lists perfectly perfect.
And your coffee post below? I loved it!

Andi said...

You're looking at her like that because you're trying to hear what she's saying...That's your "I'm trying really hard to understand what you're saying, because it can't be what I thought you said cuz that doesn't make sense," face....

So now you know what that looks like.

Either that, or she really did say something stupid!

Anonymous said...

love this post! and i super duper love that you have taught them all about the prevention of toxic shock symdrome. and i think you should teach me how to french braid.
that is all.

Mandy said...

I think my mom has taught me how "to get" toxic shock syndrome! You know two tampons aat a time and all!

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