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Friday, May 14, 2010

Those Reality Shows....

Tonight at supper we were talking about Wife Swap.  It seems that you can earn money be appearing on that show.  According to our supper table source who could be perfectly reliable, but I'm not sure and am too lazy to look it up right now.  Ok, fine.  I'll look.  Just a minute while I switch windows....

I'm back.  I spent at least 5 minutes looking and found nothing...nothing. Five minutes--wasted...

So let's pretend that wife swap pays $50,000 to appear on the show.  Les said no way.  He would not have anything to do with it for any amount of money.  I said, hey--it's just for two weeks.  Don't you think we could do it for two weeks?  And he said no.  And I said, but I could quit my job.  And he said...

Well, anyway, I got to thinking about how it works--Wife Swap (seeing as how I've never watched a single episode...). They switch the wives of two polar opposite families for two weeks--the first week the wife abides by the house rules, the second, the family abides by her rules.

Then I realized that I would probably get swapped with:
an atheist, vegetarian, homeschooling family of 11 boys who all are rabid sports players and allergic to soap and deodorant.
And they spend all their time wearing their singlets.  (you know, those icky leotard-y things wrestlers wear).
And the mom exercises with them and oversees their singlet fittings.
And there are twenty tvs in the house, each tuned to a different ESPN station.
And they don't have the internet or HGTV.
Or books.
And they eat vegetables raw.
And they live in the city.
And ride bicycles everywhere.
And have dred locks.
And the dad owns a tattoo parlor.
And they are really irritated by people who can remember a song to go with almost any phrase anyone utters. (except I don't know alot..heck I don't know any wrestling songs).

And I didn't think I'd still be alive or sane the second week to try to convert them to art loving, interior decorating, polo wearing, book reading, deodorant applying, straight haired, pickup driving, carnivorous, singing Christians.

And then I agreed with Les.  I would not do that for any amount of money--even if it is just for two weeks.


thelumberjackswife said...

I have watched that show before-I think you nailed it! They always pick exact opposites so it never goes smoothly! :)

Kara said...

I definitely know I couldn't do it would be way too stressful!

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