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Monday, May 17, 2010

Severe Weather Update

We have certainly had our share of severe weather around here.  Last week we attended the Academic Letterman awards ceremony where we were served cookies and punch and Molly received her letterman blanket and more certificates for the "collection." 

The severe weather alert went off in the school office during the ceremony, but no one rushed to the windows. 

Then we left the school, dropped Molly off at her boyfriend's house, went to WalMart, rushed through and came home.  We are home alone.  The children are both with their significant other.  Then the tornado sirens went off.  And as Les was hurrying me to go to the cellar over at the in-laws and calling for the dog, I was wondering what was the point?  No children and he is trying to get an old, deaf, dog to go with us.  And I didn't want to go either.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with that picture??? 

I said, "Leave the dog here, we are tired of her anyway.  Have you called the girls?" 

So we left the dog and I forgot my cell phone and his had no service and we finally got a hold of our precious children while sitting the basement at his parents.  

And they were very unconcerned. And the siren was turned off after about ten minutes of our being trapped underground.

So anyway, the point of this post (yes there is one!)....

We have talked repeatedly about taking a picture inventory of the house and it just so happened that right before we went to that awards banquet, I took out my trusty camera and walked around the house snapping photos of the interior of kitchen cabinets and other various and sundry things that we hope to identify at some later date if we should need them.

And just so you'll know how amazingly smart I am, I will be uploading them to my Picasa Web Photo Album so we can access the pictures of my amazingly stuffed cabinets anytime, anywhere, even if the wolf blows my house down and we no longer have a computer.

And at last my point.  The first photo I took of what to replace: 

My Keurig Coffee Maker!

And My irreplaceable husband!


marymary said...

I can't stop laughing at the dog comment.

Dawn said...

Well, she is old and can't hear and if a tornado came she wouldn't be afraid because she probably wouldn't wake up.....and she won't quit shedding!

Taylor said...

The dog comment was hilarious! Gosh, I have never lived anywhere where tornado sirens would go off! Scary!

Marilyn said...

I don't think you could replace Les.

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