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Sunday, May 16, 2010

At the Auction

I bought three boxes of junk and spent less than ten dollars. Quite a bargain. For junk!

In this one box was this cute Corning Ware percolator. I decided to try it out tonight since it's kinda damp and cold. Don't worry, I perked a few rounds of vinegar through it when I first brought it home!

It was pretty good coffee!  If I had a camper I'd be definitely be putting this in there for future use.
But we don't have a camper.
We are having a wedding instead.
But that's ok, cause really, we don't even have time to sit in our house which cost us much more than a camper would so we certainly don't have time to go camping.
We didn't have a camper last year or the year before that or the year before that because we have a daughter in college.
I'm betting we won't have one for the next four years either, for the same reason.

But I think I'll keep the coffee pot for future use.  Surely one day I will need it in a camper!

Here's a mystery for you.  Another box of (good) junk contained lots of utensils, many better than the ones I bought new.  There were lots of give away serving pieces--you know, the kind you get at cooperative meetings or from banks.  The kind you used to get anyway.  Do they still do that?

The mystery is:  why are these so much better quality than the ones available for purchase at a reasonable price?  While I might prefer that my serving pieces not be branded with a bank or electric company, it's really not that big of a deal either.

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Andi said...

Sadly, my Laverne Farmer's Coop tongs broke. Now I have nothing to scoop spaghetti with, that will not scratch my pot...How sad.

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