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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Another Vacation Photo

Here we have a blast from the past--A treat for the eyes.  Or not!

 This is Cousin Lucille, my sister Paula (who doesn't blog, not to be confused with the other one!) Mom, and my sister Andi (who does blog and talks alot to boot!).  We often visited this cousin who lived in Colorado and it appears that we have taken a trip to a nearby town, perhaps Cripple Creek.  The family has become weary, especially the little one and the ones who have to carry her, so they stop to rest on a bench in front of an art gallery.

An art gallery who's biggest picture in the window is a nude!

MOM!  How could you not see that before you sat down???

Perhaps you were too weary of chasing kids and riding in a car with kids and turning around leaning over the back seat threatening kids....

Or perhaps you knew that one day I would have no idea what to write about, so you allowed this picture to be taken so I could distribute it to the world.

Thanks!  Mom, you're such a giver, where would I be without you???


Anonymous said...

Now the song,
"You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille."
is running through my veins. :)

Marilyn said...

Only YOUUUUUU is running through my mind. You are the one who took all of the pictures. And yes, it was probably the lure of a bench that kept me from making sure there was nothing that should be seen by the childs eye. Have you kept this dark secret for all of these years?

Andi said...

the first thing I noticed when I saw this picture was the naked lady!!!

What does that say about me?

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