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Saturday, July 10, 2010

We were in a Jam!

We had gallons and bushels and oodles of apricots after visiting my parents last week.  I decided it was time to teach Sarah the womanly art of Jam making before she had a home of her own.  I've been remiss in teaching the household-ish stuff things to the girls.  They don't know how to can for the winter or make bread from their own home ground grain or tat a doily or knit a scarf or wring a chicken's neck for Sunday dinner.....

I'm a failure as a mom.

However, they can read so all is not lost!

I will just continue to do as I have in the past--buy them books!

But I digress (as usual).  Back to the Jam!

See that large plastic bucket to Sarah's right?  When we began it was full of apricot juice and pulp!

The last four cups of sugar in the house!  We ran out of apricots and sugar at the same time.

The finished product!  Sarah's learned a new culinary art, so at least if her family is out on the prairie and they come across some fruit trees, she will be able to make jam for them to eat!

p.s. It is summer and we are in 'no makeup' mode at our house!


LV said...

That was a lot of work for a young girl. Looks like she was successful at it though. When you are young, you do not need makeup. She looks just fine.

Andi said...

so far all I've accomplished is EATING the apricots!

marymary said...

I learned how to make jelly while we lived in Woodward! I haven't done it much since we moved. My family would like it if I did though! Maybe I should do that! You've inspired me.

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