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Monday, July 19, 2010

Falls Creek Recap...The Sweet Edition

Taking 88 people to camp is a tremendous undertaking in prayer and resources.  Most important of course is prayer.  

Prayer for Salvation
Prayer for Renewal
Prayer for Conviction


Prayer for Stamina
Prayer for Strength
Prayer for plenty of food!

Isn't Jake cute?  

You must take LOTS of dish soap and not be afraid of dishpan hands.  

88 people, times 5 days of camp, times 3 meals a day equals 1320 meals.  And that was just our group!  About 7,000 campers attend each week of the summer resulting in a massive amount of people in a small space

That's a lot of dishes!  

Gayleen and Sarah pretending....

You must take more sugar than you can ever imagine needing.

We started the week with a 20 pound bag of powdered sugar.  We used most of it to make Puppy Chow--the bowl above, which is being displayed by my lovely models, Gayleen and Sarah, contains just half the cereal used each night to make this sugary, sickeningly sweet, addicting mess. Chocolate, peanut butter, powdered sugar...good thing that cereal has some good vitamins and minerals and fiber and stuff.....

Chocolate Swirl Surprise or Banana Pudding or Brownies....

You must keep your nutritional priorities straight--plenty of desert!

Yeah, we had a few!  Chocolate Delight, Hawaiian Delight, Strawberry cake, Brownies, Cookies, truffles, Cake balls, Cherry Cheese Cake, Oreo Fluff....

Hiding out eating dessert before supper!

You must be willing to be both fast and sneaky to get your preferred desert!

If you're really good, you can sneak a desert or two between meals.  We might even let you hide in the cook's quarters to eat it!

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