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Monday, July 19, 2010

My Day

Drag myself out of bed.
Stumble around a bit.
go outside to survey damage to garden and yard brought on by a week of being gone.
Gratefully drink Coffee.
Take a shower.
Turn sprinkler on in the pitiful flower bed which in spite of sprinkler system looks wretched, dry, and unkempt.  Obviously sprinkler system doesn't pull weeds....
Attend Funeral.
Offer to help with funeral dinner.
Wasn't needed but received a call from Mom who needs a ride to lunch.
Take Mom to get lunch then went to my house to eat
Return to church by 1:30 for meeting.
Pickup will not start so I take Molly's vehicle.
Came back home to find that Les had jumped the pickup (with jumper cables, silly. He didn't really jump over it.) and it was now running but probably needed a new battery or alternator or something that would cost money.
Took the pickup to Walmart.  Also took my visiting nieces who really didn't want to go but assured me they didn't mind...
Wander around WM mindlessly shopping with nieces after being informed by the nice mechanic that it might be 1 and 1/2 hours before pickup was ready.  Feel anxious and guilty because my parents and my sister and brother in law are probably at my house waiting on my arrival.
Admire Barbies, craft kits, bargain books.  Buy a red rubber tub (heck yeah, it's cute!), a cake mix, powdered sugar and a dark chocolate brownie mix.
Les calls offered to take us home (yay!).
Swift visit with family members.
Make a cake and a pan of (dark chocolate) brownies
Take Brownies to In-laws house for hamburger cookout.
Find she already has blueberry cobbler, chocolate cake and cherry cheese cake.  My favorite sister-in-law brings a strawberry pie.
Leave with the full pan of brownies after too short of time to go help Les pack clothes at Joseph's Coat (a clothing ministry) for the move to it's new home.
Come home and change to yucky shoes so I can pull weeds while Les mows the Jungle.
Listen eagerly for the drone of the mower to cease so I can quit pulling the grass out of the flower bed.
Take a shovel and poke at a bush that needs pulled out.
Give up when I see Les is returning the mower to the shed.
Come in and peel off icky sweaty clothes and get in the shower where for some reason it appears that I have brought half the garden dirt in with me.
Scrub the dirt out that is embedded in my knees and Les i me that a worm is on my icky clothes that are on the bathroom floor.
Get out and gingerly pick up clothes to deposit in hamper and pray that they don't mildew before they are washed.
Return to bathroom to blow dry hair and find ants where my clothes were.
Go to living room and write a meaningless blog about my day.
Debate on whether to click 'publish post.'
Wonder if I should make bullet points and double space between life events.
Wonder if this is really worth the 30 minutes it took me to type.
Wonder if anyone will comment.
Wonder if it is just nonsense filling up bits and bytes in space.
Decide I don't care.
Click publish and go to bed.


Coloradolady said...

I think this was a great post to document one's day....I might have to try it one day.....the last two lines gave me a chuckle......

thelumberjackswife said...

I loved it and might steal the idea sometime! :)

Marilyn said...

Just lets us know that you really are busy.

Andi said...

So. I guess you've been busy...

Freckled Hen said...

Sounds like a lovely day! I'm sure after you returned from your WM wanderings you realized you needed garbage bags or dishwasher soap.
Eat a brownie!

Paula said...

Glad we were apart of your day!

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