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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fashion 101

This week, our family is attending Falls Creek, a huge Baptist church camp for teenagers near Turner Falls, Oklahoma.  

Sarah, Jake and I will be in the kitchen, Les is being a sponsor and Molly is in her last year as a Falls Creek Camper.

Our church has the most awesome youth pastor and wife ever.  They are so fun and work hard to love and nurture the kids.  We see a lot of spiritual growth taking place throughout the week.  We also see a lot of crazy things going on!

One of them is Funky Formal Night.  It happens on Thursday.  The sponsors decorate the cabin's dining room and the kids spend several hours in the afternoon getting ready to par-tay!  The plan is to be funky and fun and even perhaps a bit formal!  One year Sarah went as an Emmy--she made a gold costume, painted herself gold and a friend helped her solder a  ball of heavy wire.  She won Funky formal Queen!

That is Molly's goal.  She's been runner-up twice and just like Miss Oklahoma contestants, she is going for the crown!

We visited Not Necessarily New and purchase a Not Necessarily New Formal.  It was cute, if a little drab.... 

The silver top gave it sparkle, the satin skirt shimmered, but really, it just needed some Pizzazz!

So after adding:
 a bolt of Tulle, 
a bucket of Glitter, 
a Field of Flowers, 
and capturing some birds and butterflies.....

She designed what she hopes will make her the Queen of Funky Formal Night, 2010!


Travis Erwin said...

Funky Formal ... I like it.

thelumberjackswife said...

Get that girl a Bedazzler!

Morgan Rae said...

good luck Molly!!!
let us know if she wins...i LOVE it!
you are all so fun! ;)

Marilyn said...

What a girl. She gets my vote.

Andi said...


Becky said...

From the pictures I've seen, Molly should have taken the prize!

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