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Monday, July 12, 2010

Instead of Packing for Camp....

Well, actually, my activities today were camp packing related....

When I went to get out the twin sheets, I noticed that my linen closet was messy.  So I refolded the sheets and pillowcases that were wadded up and reorganized and felt so much better about the state of my linens!!

You know how important that is!  Clean closets for all!

So anyway, I found this little pillow that I thought would be great for camp to increase bunk comfort.  But it needed a pillow case.  I had a little pillowcase but it didn't match my camp bedding.

It is essential that camp bedding match and make you feel all homey and comfortable ya know!

So I found this awesome bit of Civil War style toile and some upholstery fringe and made this a-dor-able pillow case.

I know Martha Stewart will feel right at home on my bunk at Falls Creek!


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Freckled Hen said...

I love the toile! I am certain Martha would be comfortable. Looks like you are enjoying summer and up to lots of fun stuff.

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