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Monday, September 06, 2010

In Which I Discover (again) How One Thing Can Lead to Another

Since today is Labor Day, I made the executive decision to do exactly what I wanted all day--no work!

My plan wasn't really 'being lazy,' just doing what I wanted to do.  I pondered decorating for Fall.  I toyed with the idea of sewing something for fun.  I tossed around the notion of doing nothing but planting myself in my big red chair and reading all day.

While contemplating where to place some fall decorations in the kitchen, I decided to dust the shelves displaying  teapots and cookbooks and stuff.

Which led me to decide to rid myself of some of the clutter.  And put away some of the other clutter. But in putting away some of the other clutter, you know what happened. I found more clutter that needed to go.  Then I rearranged some of the 'keeping' clutter.  And hunted for a box to fill with some of the 'going' clutter.

Etc., etc., etc. And of course I was weary of the whole business before I had anything put away.

I came across the vintage apron stash in my cupboard and made a decision. They are cute and all, but why have something you never use or see?  I still like them, I just don't need them.  So I decided to starch and iron them and hang them up and make them more appealing to a buyer.

While ironing, names for each style came to mind and I thought of stories I could label them with in my imaginary online vintage store.  And since I've been in kind of a blogging slump lately, I'm going to share my marketing tales with you!  Please ignore the haggard model--she works for free so the price is right. And it's her day off from work, so no makeup was applied for this post!

Cupcake! This sweet pink floral print features a scalloped bib with a sweet flower embellished pink inset.  The cupcake-shaped pocket will hold your hanky or a hair clip for those heated moments in the kitchen!

A Tisket a Tasket, this apron has a basket!  In the form of a pocket!  This sheer apron is sure to set off smoke alarms when you greet your husband at the door in this little number!  The gold and teal print on a cream background zips diagonally below sheer fabric, allowing your favorite dress to play peekaboo! Gold rickrack peeks flirtatiously around the edges of the apron and the basket shaped pocket.

Let Me Call You Sweetheart--The sweetheart waistline of this adorable black, white and red apron is unique.  Black piping and red rickrack trim the edges and the foldover hanky pocket.  It's generous size will protect your nicest 'little black dress.'

Tune in tomorrow for another Apron Post!


Robin said...

Cupcake is my favorite!! When does the bidding begin??

Kara said...

I like the sweetheart one! You always have the coolest stuff!

Ashley said...

I like the cupcake one too! So sweet!

Freckled Hen said...

Heated moments in the kitchen? You mean like when I burn the can of baked beans?
Your aprons are very sweet, I look forward to the next post!

Ashlie Darnell said...

We have the same cabinets!u

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