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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Imaginary Apron Shop

In which the saga of the imaginary apron shop continues........

Chocolate Covered Cherries--This adorable brown and white gingham apron is accented with red crocheted designs and red chicken scratch.  Just like those gooey cherry treats you used to get for Christmas in your stocking!  What?  You didn't get any?  I'm sorry.

Pink Pinnie.  You'll need a a couple of pins to hold up the bodice of this pink and white pinafore apron.  But if you have a strapless frock you enjoy wearing to cook dinner, you won't mess up the lines of your dress!  Enjoy the white chicken scratch embroidery that outlines the stairstep hem, bodice and pockets.

Mom's Apron.  This generous size is perfect for covering a multitude of motherhood issues.  This yellow and green print half apron features a pocket trimmed with terry fringe and a towel attached at the waist for emergencies.  Use it to wipe your hands, a toddler's nose, or a little girl's tears.  A bonus feature of this apron is the set of  extra long apron strings to give your little rug rat something to hold onto or to give that tied down teenager a little breathing room.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to my imaginary shop!  Come back soon!


Freckled Hen said...

This is the best imaginary apron shop I have ever visited! I love the description on your last apron, especially the part about covering "the motherhood issues".

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I believe you've gone just a little bit apron-crazy today, girl!!! They are all cute, but I really like the chocolate covered cherries and the pink pinnie!!!

Actually, just today as I was working on something in the kitchen and it SPLASHED on me, I thought "why don't I wear an apron????"

But then, my ONLY apron is an antique and I don't want to SPOIL it.

Silly me - - -

Andi said...

I love these posts! Too creative! And, hey! I will really buy one of those aprons from you! I love and WEAR aprons!

Paula said...

LOVE the aprons! Are you auctioning or selling?

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