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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Such Good Friends!

Good friends whose emails always end up in my spam box.   Keisha Tarra.  Gail Ouieda.  Kia Genna.  Girls who just seem concerned about my spouse and my personal life and want to offer us products to get more enjoyment out of whatever.....

Then there's those individuals who want to let me know that their company can provide a 'Good Place for Mom,' as well as the Best Senior Care for those whose parents need help.  Oh yes, and if I would just read it, I can find information about power wheelchairs.

And smoking!  Someone cares enough to send me emails about smoking alternatives!!

And there's the continual offers for the free meals at restaurants such as KFC, Oliver Garden, Pizza Hut.  Why, we could eat out for free every night of the month if I would just open these emails!

You might be jealous to know that I am also the recipients of IPad deals.  Can you believe they are already overstocked and selling for as little as $12.00?

Yeah, me neither!


Andi said...

Wait! That Ipad is a farce?!!!

Call me shocked...

Taylor said...

Oh how I hate Spam!

Marilyn said...

Lucky me....My phone company blocks them. Isn't that great.

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