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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

To My Future Son-In Law

The day's almost over, but I couldn't let it pass without telling the world that it is your birthday!

Les and I prayed Sarah's whole life for a perfect mate for her and it seems that You, Jake, are the answer to our prayers!

We couldn't ask for a better, more thoughtful, guy.

You are kind, caring and compassionate.  I'm so thankful that your parents raised you to be the Godly man you are.

You're also funny, silly, and best of all, you laugh at my dumb jokes!

You're not afraid to be photographed wearing your 3-D Glasses upside down!

And in this family--photos are not optional!  Silly or not!

Love you, Jacob!

Happy 25th Birthday!


Paula said...

happy birthday!!!!

Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday Jacob. Why didn't we know this. We are blessed too and guess what????? this is a crazy family and you have survived some of the crazy get togethers that we have. We love you too. Now just pass this on Dawn.

DottiesDoodles said...

Jacob, from all that I have seen and read, you are definately Mr. Perfict for this sweet and sometimes crazy (with love) family. Your soon to be in-laws are a true delight and I have the most respect for them.

Hope that your birthday was wonderful and may God bless you with many, many more.

A Family Friend, Dottie

Sarah Castor said...


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Very special - - -

Happy birthday, Jake!

Janice said...

Sweet post! Sarah is blessed, and Jake is blessed!

Travis Erwin said...

A fine looking couple.

Relyn said...

This is just a wonderful post. I am so happy for your daughter. For all of you, really, since there is no gift like a happy marriage for your child. We are such kindred spirits. I have been praying for FH since before Sloane was born. FH stands for future husband and I pray for him more than once every day. So glad to hear how your prayers have been answered.

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