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Monday, October 18, 2010

A great day for a Wedding!

Nieces and Nephews helped with table decorating!  Elegant, aren't they!

A closer look at the tables.  Sarah and I collected glass jars and other container's from thrift stores, auctions, and garage sales to adorn the reception area's tables. The little cups contain peanuts and candy corn--delish!

Did you know Les used to work for a florist?  Lucky for us!  We ordered to many flowers and had to use them up in various ways.  This is one of  two ginormous bouquets that graced the reception. With the help of wonderful friends, he made the bride and bridesmaids bouquets and all the other flowers!

Me in my red dress--seriously, you can't go wrong with red!

The Nostalgia Table!  Judy and I's wedding dresses hang in front of a wedding ring quilt made in the '30s by my Grandmother and great grandmother.  The pictures on display were happy couples in our family.  Jake showed off his worn out little bitty cowboy boots and Sarah displayed her best, best friend, a Harrod's teddy bear.  He is no longer needed to sleep with......

The guest's fingerprints and signatures adorned this tree drawn by the bride.

Pies made by family and friends at the bride and groom's request!

I'm not sure why the father of the bride looks like a waiter here.  I think he was making the toss bouquet!  Isn't he so cute?

One of Sarah's best and oldest friends is a hair dresser and she made sure the bride looked her best!  
Thanks Hannah!

Music here:  Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof:  Is this the little girl I carried?????

More pictures to follow (maybe!) .  I realized tonight that I have taken one million pictures of fall leaves and had taken only a few of my daughter's wedding day!  What happened to me?  Luckily, serendipitously, my wonderful mother-in-law had forgotten her camera in the car and I 'stole' hers!  Thanks Bonnie!

Oh yes, and speaking of Bonnie, I can't forget to share this photos of my mom and mother-in-law baking the sheet cakes.  They saved us a bunch of money!

Actually the icing tip was clogged--Really!  And they were finished decorating anyway!

My mom smoothing down the icing!

Thanks everyone for all that you did!  It was a wonderful day!


Taylor said...

I hope you do get to share more wedding photos!

Paula said...

It was a wonderful day. I will send pics your way soon.


DottiesDoodles said...

Great pictures and captions as always. I am so happy for you all and it was a beautiful day. Sarah looks beautiful. Look forward to more pictures. God Bless.

Freckled Hen said...

The wedding looks like it was a great day. I love the wedding dresses/ quilt display. Your daughter is beautiful!

Becky said...

Everything really was beautiful, and went off perfectly! Congratulations again!

Relyn said...

Awwww... so lovely. Congratulations to the happy pair.

Marilyn said...

My beautiful daughter and granddaughter. thanks for the photos of the day.

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