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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Read This Book! The Vigilante's Bride

Another satisfying read from Bethany House.  I've never read a novel by Yvonne Harris before but I recommend her highly.

The story had a bit more danger than usual.  In fact, the hero of the story truly was a vigilante, living by the code of the Old West, upholding justice when there was no law to be had.  He had killed a few men, participated in the hanging of cattle rustlers, wore a gun everywhere and was prepared to display his fast draw to protect women, children and, of course, himself.

The heroine was an orphan--sent by the orphanage where she was raised to be the mail order bride of a cattle baron.  She was an unwilling bride, but circumstances forced her to accept her fate.

The vigilante rescued the orphan from a fate worse than death.  In fact it was a fate that could have resulted in her death, considering that the cattle baron's first wife died a mysterious death.

But fate (really, you know it is God) had other plans for our beautiful orphan.  When she is kidnapped from the cattleman's carriage by the vigilante, she is taken to another orphanage--the very one the vigilante was raised in!  And here, she becomes, not a recipient of charity, but a much needed teacher and helper.

Truly, you must read this book--It's not often a self-confessed murderer is the hero in a Christian novel!!!


Andi said...

So. Is this a giveaway? Since I enjoyed the last one so well...

Marilyn said...

Even if it is....let me borrow it and read it as I don't ever seem to win the give away things.
This sounds like my kind of read.

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