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Monday, October 11, 2010

Rules for a Happy Marriage

At our wedding reception, my Granddad Pat handed us an envelope.  "Here's a little money for your honeymoon," he said.

The money was welcome but of course, quickly spent.  But this poem, which was also in the envelope, has lasted.  It was written for my husband and I (and possibly all my cousins!) but contains sound advice for every married couple--newlywed or not!

When she takes him for her husband and he takes her for his wife,
And they vow to love and cherish one another all through life,
Then through the years, their happiness can last and it can grow,
But it takes a bit of doin' on both sides to make it so.

Well, we've been married now for nearly forty-seven years,
And Dolly Mae and me has had our share of smiles and tears.
But we've kept our love a grownin' ever since we made the splice
So I guess that makes us qualified to hand out some advice.

When the honeymoon is over and you're back at that old grind,
There's apt to rise, from time to time, some differences of mind.
Now, nothin' clears the air quite like a friendly little fight, 
But don't let a quarrel linger, get it settled before night.

It's for sure you love each other and that's one thing you both know,
But it's kinda nice if every day you tell each other so.
Be slow at criticizin' and be generous with praise,
And keep your sense of humor even when there's stormy days.

Love is carin' for an' sharin' everything both good and bad,
and it's all the little things you do to make each other glad.
It's happiness an' sadness and it's hope that brightens fears.
It's trustin' an' forgivin' and it's laughter mixed with tears.

So when the Parson says, "I now pronounce you man and wife,"
And you're headin' down that happy trail that's known as married life,
Your love can grow and flourish and stay always bright and new.
If you'll keep in mind these simple rules that we've laid out for you.

With much love and best wishes 
from Grandmama Dolly 
and Grandad Pat


Leila said...

Oh my goodness, what a treasure!!
You are so blessed to have such a creative piece of advice right from the start!

Taylor said...

What a precious gift to hold on to for so long! :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Grandad wrote you a poem! Do you know if he wrote anyone else one? I think that is fantastic! Aunt C

Andi said...

I didn't get a poem! I always knew I was nowhere near his favorite!

I kid!

I jest!

I'm copying Taylor!

That is a great poem. I can hear him speaking in my head as I read it.

Freckled Hen said...

I'm not sure which is sweeter--the poem or that your Gram's name is Dolly Mae.

Marilyn said...

I don't knopw if anyone else got a poem. I think he just wrote them when he was inspired. That is a treasure and I have not seen it before. that is a great thing to give to your own daughters. I am thinking of you this week.

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