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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Every morning, if I am paying attention, God gives the most beautiful gift!

I've taken hundreds of sunrise pictures, but no editing, photoshopping, enhancing can ever make it look as beautiful and glorious as it does in person!  (I'm pretty sure there is a theological/devotional moment in that little statement waiting to get out)

On Facebook earlier this week, I posted, "If only I had a box full of color and light, to paint the sunrise God gives us every morning."

My friend Lana had the most wonderful reply:
I'm hoping for that in our home up there...how much fun will that be!?!
"Who's sunrise/sunset painter helper this week?"
"It's me...it's me, Lord."
"Well, get dressed.  Let's go...It's time for a new one."

Now doesn't that thought make a lovely picture?


Paula said...

Today's sunrise was another beauty!!! We are so lucky that He gives us that beauty every morning.

Andi said...

With it getting light later, I've been missing sunrise, as I'm already at work, in a cave with no windows...boohoo.

Marilyn said...

Isnt that just a beautiful thought. Do you think we will help pain the dawning and sunsets. God colors everything just so beautiful. How did he think of all of this?

Marilyn said...

I meant PAINT not pain. I better read before I hit the publish button.

Delyn said...

AMEN! I don't think there is anything quite like the sunrises and sunsets in Oklahoma!

(of course, I have lived here all of my life, so that is certainly an UNbiased opinion)!

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