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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hmmm, What to say, What to say....

I'm sure there is a plethora of witty, entertaining and enlightening things to say buried somewhere in my brain. I'm just not sure where they are!

Harry Potter number ummm 7? comes out Friday.   The Deathly Hallows--I want to see it.

Please, could either Jennifer Grey or Kyle Massey win Dancing with the Stars. I only watch one show.  Is it too much to ask that a person who can dance win it?

Jan Karon's newest Father Tim book--In the Company of Others is out.  It's on my Christmas Wish List!

I haven't been at school one full week since before Sarah's wedding.  I'm afraid it's a habit I could embrace.  4 day weeks!  Woot!

A student made my day today.  Earlier in the year I had to go retrieve "The Hunger Games" from his locker.  It was exceedingly overdue and I had a loonngg waiting list for it.  Then he came to me and asked where it was and told me he had never even started it. (sigh and inner eye roll)   So I found him another book.  Which he read.  Then he asked for another one.  And read it.  Then a third.... And today, he came in and told me he would be finished with the current one soon and could I please find him another and could he please check out more than one book!  And of course I said yes!  Once again, I"m reminded that you've just got to match the right book to the kid!  "The Hunger Games" trilogy is an awesome set of books but obviously not for everyone.

Hershey's Raspberry Bliss flavored hot chocolate is indeed--'Bliss!'

I miss my girls!


Taylor said...

I totally want to be a school librarian.
Let's have a "life swap" shall we?
You can come deal with Handsome Dude.

Paula said...

DWTS is the only show I watch too and I want Jennifer to win.

Speaking of winning - yea YOU for finding THE book for that student. YOU gave him a great gift.

I'm sorry you are missing your girls. You have done a great job with them

Andi said...

Great job!

I can't believe I have not watched on episode of "Dancing" this season. I started to watch it one evening, and Brent said, "Is this show always on?" I gave up, and he watched Storm Chasers or some other such nonsense.

Ashley said...

Who doesn't like the hunger games? I mean seriously!! ;) But glad you found the books he does like to read! It's like water to our soul!LOL

Relyn said...

I love the crazy-pop-around peak into your head. It's great.

Marilyn said...

I miss them too. All of my babies are growing up and are too busy for grandmas. That is the way it is suppossed to be though.

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