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Friday, November 26, 2010

What Were They Thinking?

...or Christmas ornaments which shouldn't be.

We will start the festivities with Nutcrackers.  Really?  Basketball players?  I'm not against the sport but these just don't say "Christmas" to me.

Some clever soul pulled their shorts down around their ankles.  A recipe for disaster when you're running down the court.

There are five guys--enough for a team but they are all missing something--a nose, an arm, a basketball.

I do admire their nonchalance--one hand is on their hip--they are oblivious to any potential embarrassment that comes from their pants being at ankle height.

Another thing--the potential jokes of nutcrackers and jocks and .....well, never mind.

This is a Christmas decoration that just shouldn't be.


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Marilyn said...

Are you kidding?????? They think these should be used to honor the birth of our Savior. What next? Well, you know I just like tradition or homemade.

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