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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

In Which I am June Cleaver

Tonight I donned my apron and made Chicken Marsala for my family.  It was delicious.  I bought one of those seasoning packets at the grocery store that has all the herbs you need in little plastic squares and has the recipe on the back.

You have to provide your own chicken, flour, broth and wine.  We are Baptist so we don't have wine.  I used extra chicken broth and some half and half.  It was divine.

Then Ward, Wally and the Beaver (AKA Les, Molly and Josh) put their plates away and left me alone to scrub and clean and wipe and push the darn dishwasher button.  All by myself.

I knew I shouldn't have worn that apron with my pearls!

In other news:

Went to Not Necessarily New today.  The girls were in a crafty mood, but they went away empty handed.  Not me!

Look!  A hardly used game of Clue.  You might recall this post about how when we were growing up we didn't have a Clue (the game;).  I've made up for it by purchasing three at thrift stores (so far!).  This one is missing some cards and the score pages but it has all the weapons--I've been researching this game in my thrifting and for some reason, every thrift store Clue game is missing one particular weapon--the knife!  And yea!  The knife was there in this one!  Aren't you so happy for me?  Eventually I think I might have a complete game!

This die was from the game also.  Don't you just love how shiny and juicy it looks?  When I was a kid, I always thought these looked deliciously like those red hot suckers you could buy at the concession stands at ball games.  Of course after you waller this die around in your mouth for awhile, the shiny wears off.  And it doesn't taste like cinnamon.  And it's probably dangerous--choking hazard, don'cha know.  And you probably shouldn't put dice from the thrift store in you mouth without washing them first.  So I didn't.  Perhaps I've outgrown that....

And I purchased this Robin Kane mystery!  Originally it was only 89 cents!  I still have a couple of Robin Kane books and besides how could I resist one called The Mystery of Glengary Castle?


Andi said...

Lead poisoning is my thought. OH, and we realized on Christmas Eve that nobody can be murdered in the dining room in our Clue game as we are missing that card. And where did all the knives go? Did GI Joe need a knife?

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I love this post.
You are too funny. And Clue is one of my favorites--not sure why I'm so crazy about the creepiness, but I do love it.

Happy New Year, Dawn. I hope 2011 is full of God's best!

Heidi said...

I MISS YOU!!! you have left me?
You are one of the funniest gals I have ever 'met'!!!

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