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Monday, January 03, 2011

I know It's Over, But...

Can you please stand one more Christmas post?  I simply must share some of these pictures of this Santa!  My nephew dresses up as Santa every year and stands in his front yard waving at passers-by.  He's been doing it forever.  Did I mention he's ummm, nine?

Sarah is on his lap in the  middle picture.  This was her reaction to Santa every single year, until we told her a big fat lie--that there was no such thing.  But as you can clearly see--Santa is real--He looks just like my nephew, Elvis!

Obviously, Popcorn and Bookworm are not at all like their cousin--they aren't afraid of Santa--but perhaps Bookworm is thinking she really doesn't want to sit on his lap!

I didn't want to leave any of the kids out (big of little!) --Josh opened "Scrabble,"  and Molly received a new Ariel doll.  Age is not a factor in receiving dolls in our family!  Grandma Irene showed Elvis and Dead Eye how to use their sling shots--What an Awesome Grandma!  Jake got a new tape measure--30 foot!  woot!  And Kris received an autographed copy of The Christmas Potato.  Having an author in the family is handy when you want cool gifts!

And while I'm on the topic of Grandmas:  Will you please pray for my other Grandmother?  She had a stroke on New Year's Day.  It has affected her left side and her ability to swallow but her memory and speech are good.  That's her on the bottom row, second from the right--teehee.  We celebrated her 88th birthday with a lunch at my house on December 21!


Sarah (Castor) Kamolz said...

Haha! Santa will be an interesting topic someday with my kids. Since I never played the game that he was real I don't see the point. I guess I will play along but if they ask my doubting, game over.

Andi said...

Sarah remember: Santa is real. He's just dead!

Paula said...

Every party needs a pooper! Santa is VERY real, but he couldn't do ANY thing if he weren't friends with God. He understands that the only way he can bless others is because of God's provisions.

Shelley said...

Thanks for the sharing the fun of your Christmas. I wish ours had been as joyful. The kids don't have cousins on my side and all of their cousins on the other side are grown and "too busy" to spend more than just a few minutes with us at Christmas. It's great to see that you can celebrate with just a jovial atmosphere. I will be praying for your grandma. Keep us updated on Facebook of her condition.

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