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Saturday, January 01, 2011

In Which I Discover That I Am, In Fact, White

In case you didn't know, I'm white

White, white, white  

Extremely, Lily White

This picture is like Where's Waldo--"Can you find the white kid with the white shirt hidden in Santa's Beard?"

Not just as in Race, but as in color.  The only way I will not be white is if by some miracle and overexposure to sun, all of my freckles will merge together and make a darker shade of white.

While I was in college I dated a Native American (Indian? Political correctness is not my strong suit).  I felt it my duty to avoid hurt feelings in the future by letting him know that perhaps not all of my relatives would be embracing his heritage, if you know what I mean.

I will not say that my family is prejudiced but, in the Oklahoma Panhandle there were not many people who were not white, at least that I knew of.  The only dark skinned ones were cowboys and farmers who spent a lot of time on horseback or on the tractor and as you can tell from the above pictures, melanin was somehow left out of our family's genetic pool so that really didn't include many of my relatives!


When I told him (apologetically and all) of that fact, he informed me that I was white and not all of his relatives would appreciate him dating a white girl. So there.

Me??  White?  What?  I'm a color?  (or absence of)  I thought I was just a girl with freckles who didn't tan and liked to read and thought diagramming sentences was kind of fun and enjoyed playing the piano (badly) and loved poetry!

I had no idea I was WHITE!

You learn a lot in college that they don't teach you in the classroom.


Marilyn said...

And you are beautiful.

Dawn said...

Thanks Mom!

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