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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Read This Book! The Emerald Atlas

As the forces of darkness drew near on Christmas Eve, siblings Kate, Michael and Emma were whisked from their parents and hidden away in an orphanage.  Now ten years later they find themselves in a remote and decrepit house--the latest in a long line of increasingly depressing orphanages.  The children know nothing about the threatening evil that pursued them when they were small.  Emma, the youngest has turned into a small ferocious animal, Michael is obsessed with taking pictures and Kate tries hard to keep the memory of her parents alive to her siblings who were too small to remember them when they were removed.

The children are shocked to discover that their newest 'orphanage' is a dilapidated mansion with cranky, but kind hearted servants and no other orphans.  The kids begin to explore their new home and soon discover a mysterious book and a hidden room....And that is where the real story begins!

A photograph dropped onto a page in the book sends the children into the past and although Kate and Emma manage to return to their time, Michael has been mesmerized by a beautiful but evil woman and is left behind.

Join Kate and Emma as they struggle to free their brother from the past and in doing so change the future of the world.  You will visit caves populated by evil monsters and friendly dwarves.  You will visit the forest of North America and discover Indian tribes and their medicine men.  You will be drawn into the never ending battle between good and evil and will be unable to sleep at night until you turn the last page of this book.

You will fall into the world of The Emerald Atlas  and lament the fact that the sequel will be so long time in coming!


Sunny simple life said...

I think my 13 year old would love this book. Will have to look on Amazon or the library for it. Preferably the library.

Andi said...

Sadness, this is over my Nook individual book budget. I will be watching for it in the library though!

Dawn said...

Maybe your sister will lend you her copy.....

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