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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A visit with a friend

I love it when I can visit with old friends over school breaks.  My friend Laura and her little family came a stayed a few nights.  We didn't spend much time together during the day, but we stayed up reminiscing after everyone else (that would be Les) went to bed.

We laughed at the time she filled her pockets so full of  pretty rocks at the lake that it ripped from her dress.  We remembered how scared we were the night her dad didn't come home from town and her mom had to go out and milk the cow and there was a bear in the pen!  Laura and I talked about hair color--you know, blonde vs. brown.  She always thought her sister Mary's blonde hair was prettier.  I disagreed.  I'm partial to brown myself.

Then we started talking about food-- how when she was a little girl, the attic at her house was always full of good things stored away to eat in the winter.  Her mom used to make all their cheese and butter.  In the winter the butter was pale so she would grate a carrot and squeeze out the juice to add color.  It was fun to work the dasher of the churn and wait for the butter to splash up on the lid.  Laura always wanted to sneak a taste!

Can you believe that until she was four years old, Laura only had one toy--a corn cob doll wrapped in a hanky!  I can't imagine that.  I guess that when she got her doll, Charlotte, for Christmas that made her even more special!  Laura's mom made it for her.  Her mom made all her clothes and their quilts and she even braided straw into hats for her family!

I've never moved except to college and when I got married, but Laura has moved alot.  Her family lived in many isolated places and she's far more brave in new situations than I am.  When I first met her, she lived in the woods.  Then her family moved to the prairie but when a political situation got out of hand, they moved to a slightly more settled place along a creek.  That's where she met a girl named Nellie who was very spoiled and mean.  After Laura's family left their creekside home, years later, Nellie showed up again.  Sadly she had not changed and was as mean as when she was a little girl.

We had a wonderful time during our late night visits!

Don't you love visiting with old friends?  Perhaps you're friends with my friend Laura also--Laura Ingalls.  I guess I forgot to mention her last name!  We've been friends forever and I love to introduce her to all my friends now!

We had such a good time, I'm thinking of inviting the March girls over soon.

Tell me about your forever friends who live between the pages of books!


Andi said...

The March girls! For sure!

Oh, and Nancy Drew...the Nancy from the 50s...Not the 90s. I tried to get back in touch with her then, but when she kissed another boy, we were quits. I could not tolerate such hussy acts from Nancy!

Oh, and I caught on to Laura almost immediately...Because I kept racking my brain for you having a visitor, and what friend you had named Laura!

Oh, and you must watch the Nancy Drew movie from about 5 years ago. It is set in modern times, with the true spirit of the original Nancy. It is so fun. You must watch it. You must I tell ya!

Dawn said...

Ok, Ok, but I don't watch tv!!!! :) But I have wanted to see that!

Freckled Hen said...

Laura is such a good friend! She visits here every decade or so and always inspires me.
I love the March girls but would have to say my top three: Betsy-Tacy, Trixie Belden, and the Emily trilogy by LM Montgomery.

The Cronks said...

That same Laura is an old friend of mine. We were such good friends that I wanted my daughter to get to know her as well. Said Daughter was not as interested in getting to know Laura. she already had some friends with whom she enjoyed spending time - they were Junie B. Jones, Judy Moody and Ramona (the Pest). Laura didn't participate in the same type of antics, so was not as interesting to my daughter.
I guess that's OK -- as long as she has friends!

Delyn :o)

Relyn said...

I love that she found so many rocks she had to have that she ripped her dress. I do love a girl like that.

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