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Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Confession

It's been several seasons since I watched American Idol but this year I had to tune in just for the judges.  Sharing the table with Randy Jackson are newcomers Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

Jennifer is so beautiful!  She has the a fun energy that is honestly encouraging and sincere in her criticisms.

But my real fascination--this is so weird.  It's Steven Tyler.

There I said it.  Why?

Really, the man wears scarves!  He has more accessories than most women!  And he has a potty mouth  He's a rock star.  He has a pink streak in his hair and he is 63 years old for heaven's sake!

That's just two years younger than my dad.  My dad doesn't wear scarves.  Or a locket.  Or florals.  Unless they are tastefully hidden in the pattern of a western shirt.  

I guess all these years of being a good girl has caused my inner bad boy lover to come out.  But only on tv, ok?  I only want bad boys within the confines of my tv screen!


Freckled Hen said...

Steven Tyler: Is he wearing an embroidered jacket made from the curtains at the Hampton Inn? He is totally gross.

Your Dad: Is he holding a Richard Peck book while wearing a gingham shirt? Then of course he is totally awesome!

Dawn said...

Oh yeah my dad is awesome, I totally forgot about the book he is holding! And the Hampton Inn comment made me laugh out loud!

Crazy Sister said...

Love it!

Marilyn said...

Your Dad is handsome after all these years.

Paula said...

I agree there is something about Steven Tyler that holds my interest. There are some other "freaks" out there that do the same thing...Kat from LA Ink is one of them.

Dad is totally awesome!

Taylor said...

Your dad looks much cooler than Steven Tyler. :)

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