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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Why I have nothing to Write About

It's been difficult lately to post a post.  

I read some awesome craft blogs--People who craft everyday and actually finish projects--meh.  Not me.  I'm a great starter, not so great finisher.  And lately it's been pretty much a 'craft fail' kind of season.

I read a few mommy blogs--People with adorable kids and cute stories galore.  Not me.  My cute stories have grown up into amazing young women.  Oh sure, I could tell you about the time that Sarah rooted around in her nose and finally wiped what she found on the back of her sister whom I was trying to video learning to walk.  But that's old news.

I read a few housekeeping blogs--People with beautiful homes who have a weekly cleaning routine they follow and can photograph their dining room and you can't see the dust on the table or the pet hair balls under it.  What? You don't have pet hair balls under your table?  We have wood laminate floors and dust and other stuff just kind of skids across it.  The good thing about the pet hair is it kinda collects all together under the table.  No.  Sorry.  No picture.  Sadly enough, I vacuumed it up just this evening before supper and it's kind of clean under the table for the moment.  Maybe at bedtime I can take one.

I read a few decorating blogs--People who actually spend money on home decor.  Even their thrift store and garage sale finds are pricier than mine.  Maybe because they buy their stuff at Estate sales and Tag Sales.  Not just plain old Garage Sales.  And possibly they pay more than a dollar for the stuff.

I read a few book review blogs--People who get to spend their days reading books as an occupation.  How do you get that job anyway?  Oh sure.  I could read every day at work and call it work.  I could probably kinda get by with it to an extent.  But then, the computers would never get updated, the Valentine's bulletin board would still be up in April (Oh, wait.  It was.), and all those housekeeping tasks would never get done in the High School library where I work.

Oh yes, and I can't leave out the gardening blogs--people who spend hours upon in in their gardens and yards.  I think they all live in the Pacific Northwest with an unlimited rain supply and fewer bugs.  It appears  I'm raising Mole Runs and Gopher Mounds, with some henbit and chickweed on the side.  

So you see, with all this other blog reading I do, it's difficult to think I that I have anything post worthy.  I just can't measure up!


Keetha Broyles said...

When I see in my follow list that YOU made a post, I click RIGHT OVER, and you want to know why???? BECAUSE it's not GOING TO BE decorating or crafting or gardening or thrifting or tablescaping or cooking. I get BORED to tears with blogs that ONLY talk about that stuff.

That isn't MY life - - - I don't do all those frivolous things every day and I don't want to SEE them every day.

I like reality.

I like fun.

I like variety (I call it eclecticity)

I FIND all that here.

You just keep blogging girl - - - I LOVE what you do.

Dawn said...

Thanks Keetha,

Freckled Hen said...

I love the way you write, you always make me smile... and you have my dream job!
I'm sorry you are down, hugs to you!

Andi said...

Only I totally want you to make the video of Sarah wiping a booger on Molly's back digital and upload it so I can laugh...And so you can be an internet sensation!

Wayne said...

Like Keetha, I look forward to your ramblings. It keeps me connected to old friends and to "home".

Plus, your blog is what's given me the bug to start one...

...One of these days.

My "baby" just turned 18 and will be graduating next month (gasp! next Month!), so I expect to have more time after that. Is that a pipe dream? Surely not!

And speaking of "meh": Meh

Marilyn said...

I love your blogs. You just take real things and make them interesting. You my dear, are a writer, You don't need all of those pictures or if you have a picture, it tells a story. You have a gift and you are an inspiration. Of course, I am the MOM. Love you

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