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Monday, April 18, 2011

So I took this personality test.....

Keetha, a fellow blogger and dear friend (whom I've only met through the internet!) introduced me (virtually) to this very w-e-i-r-d personality test--also known as "The Pierley/Redford Dissociative Affect Diagnostic Test."

Take it.  You might be slightly creeped out by some of the questions such as "Where is the sin?" accompanied by radiating triangles and "Which one wants to hurt you" accompanied by different glowing blobs.

But take it anyway.  The results are kind entertaining.  In fact, the first time I took it, the ummm 'diagnosis?' below was pretty much on the money.  I often live in a fantasy world.  I am poetic (of course!).  I must confess to imagining lives for other people when I am trying to figure out what makes them tick.  Well, anyways, I'll let you read this for yourself.

You have a poetic sensibility and an ability to see beyond the day to day. You often seem to be living in a higher realm, or to be not-of-this-earth. Occasionally you imagine interior lives for friends and associates that are near-complete fabrications based on your fears or hopes for the future. You are often not aware of your own feelings. You have a strong sense of right and wrong, and because of this are often disappointed. Despite what can sometimes be a destructive inward-turning anger, you are very gentle. You are sometimes a bit out of touch with the ebb and flow of modern life. If your behavior is out of synch with your moral values, a severe psychic disturbance can result. Because connectivity is so important to you, you can become quiet and sulky if you feel that others around do not understand your point of view.

So far, I don't think I've been living out of synch with my moral values so no fears of a psychic disturbance--note it says "severe" psychic disturbance!


Keetha Broyles said...

Woot! I got a shout out.

Fortunately, Miss Dawn, there is instant forgiveness and therefore a cure for that "living out of synch with moral convictions" thing (I believe we'd call that sin, no?) so you won't have to worry about all that severe psychic disturbance stuff 'cause I KNOW from reading your blog that you KNOW the One who freely and fully grants that forgiveness when asked.

It was a really bizarre but fun test, no?

Anonymous said...

I was trying to comment on the spring cleaning post and ended up here. Alas. I am too tired to go back. :) It is too hard to get in the mood here to spring clean. Especially since it is snowing.

marymary said...

that was the weirdest series of questions ever! thanks for posting the link to it. fun!

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