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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning

On Friday the wind was gusting up to 70 mph.  It was cold.  It was nasty.  Dirt filled the air.   Roofs were torn from houses, trees and fences blew down and I'm sure a few skirts flew up if anyone was foolish enough to wear one!  If you could combine the huffing and puffing of the wolf from all the re-tellings of The Three Little Pigs, you can get an idea of what the wind was like Friday!

But, ah, Saturday--a beautiful, sunny, calm day!  Les and I worked around the house and yard all day and got lots done in the beautiful weather.  I cleaned our room from top to bottom, moving all the furniture and sweeping everything. The windows got washed--I even took the bed apart!  We had to put our dog to sleep this week and I was trying to eradicate all the lingering dog hair (from that room anyway).  I cleaned the woodwork and furniture with Liquid Gold and it smells so good!  Actually, I'm not sure if it really smells good, or if the smell is just associated with clean!

The last of the fall leaves in the hidden corners of the yard were bagged up.  The millions of woody balls that have fallen from our sycamore tree were raked and bagged also.  The discouraging thing is that there are about a million left to fall.  At night when they hit the roof above our bedroom, it sounds like a hailstorm!  They can also give you a pretty good clunk on the head!

Les mowed and fertilized, then treated the lawn for bugs.  I cleaned off the porch and the pond filter.  We got a lot done!

The sad thing is, I can look around and know that I need to move and vacuum all the living room furniture (dog hair again) and it's been forever since I dusted, or mopped.


Our household chores are never finished but God gave us the bodies to work and the will to do it and for that I'm thankful!

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Keetha Broyles said...

We got your nasty cold wind - - - AND SNOW - - - on Saturday, but yesterday was warmer and sunny and the snow was gone as fast as it came.

However - - - I cannot believe this - - - we are under a winter advisory for Tuesday and Wednesday for up to 6 - 10 inches of snow!!!!

Praise God April snow doesn't stick around for long.

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