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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Of a Certain Age-part, the second

I've had another EPIPHANY!

Aren't you so happy for me?

And you of course cause I'm going to share.  Share more info than you want to know about women and their slavery to hormonal issues.

So anyways.  I'm sooooo thankful.  You know why?  Cause I don't have a young child.  Or a pre-teen ager-ish child.  Or one of those children (who think they are adult) under the age of 16.

Cause can you imagine someone with raging hormones and one of these younger, fragile-ish type children?  Or someone with raging hormones with a 13 year old (who has the other  kind of raging hormones)?????

Oh, the screaming and yelling and crying that would commence!


Paula said...

Not nice...Now I am wondering why I waited till 30 to start a family.

Dawn said...

hahaha! At least they are boys and won't be hormonal with you!

Andi said...

I guess there really is always a bright side!

Marilyn said...

I always said that God had a real sense of humor when I went through this with my teenage daughter. She probably suffered a lot more than I did. Just remember "This too shall pass".

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