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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food Storage Solutions

Is that a riveting title or what?  I know I would click on it if I saw it on my blog roll.  Of course I would especially click on that title if if were posted by someone as riveting and entertaining as myself.  Especially considering how riveting and entertaining I've been in the last few months.

I seem to have lost my writing mojo.  (By the way, I looked that word up--mojo.  It used to mean magic spell or charm.  Now it also means sex appeal or talent.  So I'm not sure if I had any to lose....)

It all started when I began to sleep well again.  I wanted to go to bed at nine but forced myself to stay awake till ten.  Me!  The person who thinks sleep is a waste of time.  Whose mother was constantly sending to bed!

That darn sleep, I knew it was no good!  Obviously a rested brain is not a creative brain.

But anyways..... Back to the real, riveting reason for this post!

I hate plasticware!  I hate how it flips over in the dishwasher, stains red if used for chili or spaghetti, takes forever to dry and is a mess to store.  Why oh why are there never matching lids?  And even if you buy the same brand, somehow the lids don't fit each other.

I had this mental flashback of my grandma storing stuff in everyday dishes--with 'lids' that don't really fit but will work well enough to keep something fresh for a short period of time.

Just flip a saucer over the top of a bowl or vice versa ...

and voila!  You have an easy clean-up, quick drying, easily stackable, dishwasher (and environnmentally!) friendly short term food storage solution.  And they look kinda cute and homey on my countertop.

p. s.  I don't use this in the fridge--just for those leftover breakfast biscuits or that last brownie or two I want to take out of the pan so I can run it through the dishwasher.

Riveting?  Entertaining?  Probably not.

Informative?  Of course!  (I'm a librarian, after all!)

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