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Monday, June 27, 2011


Have you ever visited an Atwoods store?  I love exploring the aisles and discovering what unique merchandise they offer.

Atwoods is a Ranch and Home store that began in Enid, OK in 1960.  There are now stores in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.  They sell Farm and Ranch supplies, Gardening equipment, Clothing, Cooking utensils and food, Camping, fishing and boating equipment and hardware.

Farm women with short, practical haircuts browse the shelves for garden seeds, spices, canning and other food preservation supplies.  There is also a variety of just good plain food such as Amish-made jellies, huge jars of pickles and old fashioned candy

I still like to look at the toys!  But watch out for the country (and city!) kids trying out the toy guns and crawling into the teepees! (unless those kids are investigating the piles of rabbit skins and cowboy hats in the clothing section). At Christmas you can find vintage style tin toys and traditional ordinary things like spinning tops, rag dolls, tea sets, kazoos and pop guns!  There are also play sets for farms which include everything from the barn to miniature hay bales and tiny chickens!

Surely you can find a pair of boots in this aisle to suit your taste!  If your house has western decor, choose an authentic cowhide to warm your floor.

Toward the back is everything the 4-H or FFA member needs.  Halters, feeders and feed for every show animal imaginable.  For the farmer/ranchers there are outdoor faucets, replacement parts for tractor implements, shovels and shovel handles, wire, rope, salt blocks......

In the spring the store is filled with the cheeping of baby birds. Baby ducks, chickens, guineas, turkeys and geese are kept cozy under heat lamps in tanks waiting for their new home on the farm.  And if you've got a raccoon that wants to have your new baby (birds!) for a snack, I'm sure they have animal traps too!

If you can't find anything inside that tempts you, check out the greenhouse, the outdoor furniture and the canoes and paddleboats displayed out front.

I guarantee you'll find something you want at Atwoods!  Or at least you'll have fun looking!


Freckled Hen said...

I love(d) Atwoods, especially at Christmas. It's also a good people watching place, except for the big guys in overalls that can't button up at the sides.

Paula said...

I was talking with a lady today that is a horse racing photographer. She spends her summers here and winters in Dalhart, TX anywho we were talking about farm supply stores and I thought, "Man I miss Atwoods!" and then tada I am transported there via your blog. THANKS

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