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Sunday, June 19, 2011

It Only Took Me a Few Years

A long time ago I saw this super duper cute "crazy nine patch" quilt pattern on the allsorts blog.  I dug through the fabric stash and found nine kind of coordinating prints to try it out.  And it was so much fun that I decided to make a quilt or a throw or something out of those cute picnic-y prints!

Daisy helped.  This was taken a few weeks before we had to put her to sleep and she made sure the quilt top was comfy and cozy before it became a gift.  
But I had no goal in mind for the actual quilt.  And then I almost ran out of those prints before I made enough squares.

Then over a year ago I finally purchased the fabric for the sashing, border and binding.

Last year I finished the top except for the border.

Then when my mom's birthday was coming up, I decided to finish it and give it to her, since (in my imagination) I would not have to spend much time finishing it up.  HA!  I discovered I had not put on the border and then ran out of time to work on it.  And besides, I had misplaced the rest of the fabric for the border and spent quite a bit of time in my organized (not) sewing room looking for it.

So Mom received an alternative present for her birthday.

Then I figured I might was well bite the bullet and give it to her for Mother's day--force myself to finish something for gosh sakes!

And I did it!  I spent all of Saturday before Mother's Day putting on the binding and such and it was wrapped up and ready to be gifted!

She loved it!  Here it is, displayed proudly under Old Glory on her front porch.


Marilyn said...

I love it and thank you for working so hard and long to make it special. You are a wonderful daughter.

Delyn said...

B-e-a-utiful!! Love the colors and prints you picked!!
I have a few of those 'it took me a few years' projects yet to complete...

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