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Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Need to Have a Talk!

Dear Bermuda Grass, you are clearly confused about your job.  There are dead spots where I want you to grow.

You expend your energy on covering my bark path.

Yet you persist in being crowded out of the lawn by dandelions and violets!  Sure those violets are cute in spring but that doesn't mean that now summer's here they need to overshadow you!  Be strong and courageous and choke them out!

 And what's the deal with filling the flower bed??  Trying to cozy up to the lavender and roses.  Or maybe you're confused--Crowd out the violets, leave the lavender be.

I need you to do your job--stay on the lawn and out of the flowers!


Keetha Broyles said...

I believe those patches are caused by a fungus but I don't remember the cure. My lawn guru went to Canada - I'll try to remember to ask him when he returns

Marilyn said...

Good talk you had with that bermuda grass. Hope it does some good.

Paula said...

Ask Jake about eptam sp? to keep bermuda out of the things you don't want it in. I used it successfully in my flowerbeds for about 7 years...and then I ran out...and last year that evil stuff started to invade.

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