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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Great Big Rocks

Have you ever visited "Garden of the Gods"  near Colorado Springs?
The rock formations are so amazingly majestic.

Pictures don't really do them justice.  
It's hard to imagine the sheer size of these huge slabs of sandstone which rise vertically from the valley floor.  

Les and I took a walking trail tour and spotted three elk (or are they deer?  I'm not sure) wandering among the bushes.
Ok.  They really weren't wandering.  
One was taking a potty break and the others hid in the bushes till he was finished.  
Seriously, these elk horned creatures had it backwards--the potty-er should have been hiding in the bushes! 
I took a picture of the solitary one doing his thing but it's not near as lovely as this one of him trotting away with his tongue out.  

Hmm--what have we here?  Wildlife of a different sort.  "wink, wink"  
Les is standing at the base of those red rocks you see in the first picture posted.

People were, of all things, rock climbing on this here rock.  Looked like it might end up being neck breaking.  
I actually cut the people out when taking this picture, cause one of the problems with this scenic area is that the scenic parts are cluttered up with tourists.  
Bah--go home, I say and let me admire this beauty in solitude!

Believe it or not--this rock is called.....wait for it.....
Balancing Rock!  
I know!  Can you believe it?
See the people?
See the cars?

I just finished a book on my Kindle that I had downloaded for free that is actually set in this area.  It's called Breathe:  A Novel of Colorado by Lisa T. Bergren.  It's about a girl who suffers from consumption (Tuberculosis) and is sent to Colorado to a hospital for a cure.  It's a mystery and a romance and a travel guide all wrapped up together in a nice book.  Sadly for you, it is no longer a free Kindle download, but aren't you glad I read it to recommend to you?  I guarantee you'll love it and want to read the sequels too!

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That balancing rock would freak me out!!

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