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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Post in Which I Tell You of My Crazy Night Life

Last night I dreamed that I had a snake.  It was white and he glowed in the dark.  I kept him knotted around a clothes hanger in my closet but sometimes he got down and would crawl around the house (still knotted around the hanger).  I didn't like him but told everyone else he was a nice snake and they could pick him up and he wouldn't bite.   

This is not my snake.  This is a rubber snake a friend of mine purchased to scare people with.
Another friend hid it in the first friend's bed.  It was quite realistic looking by the light of her phone
when she crawled into bed that night.  Much screaming and hyperventilating and laughing commenced.
Then, I was cleaning out my closet.  I was kind of nervous cause I didn't know where the snake was. So Molly and Sarah and I were hauling junk out of the closet--it went from being my clothes closet to a junk filled closet in my dream.  You know how that is--inexplicable scene changes mid dream (or nightmare).  Piles of clothes and boxes filled the bedroom we were in.  The last box in the far dark corner of the closet (yes, I'm still worried about the snake and dark corners) held Polly Pockets and Littlest Pet Shops. But when we pulled out the box, the flaps burst open and CATS poured out of the box and were all over the room!

There were large cats and small cats.  Kittens and adolescent cats.  Fluffy cats and sleek ones.  One little kitten had even crawled into a little drawstring bag that toys were in and the bag appeared to be crawling across the floor!  When the box exploded, I fell back in fright upon a pile of clothing and a kitten shot out from under the pile and landed with a plop on the opposite wall and clung there like a tree frog.  He was white.  The rest of the cats were shades of grey and and so soft and silky.  They were wild--we couldn't catch them.  Yet they wove themselves around our ankles and brushed on our arms.  The girls and I kept trying to gather them up and put them back in the box but they were like smoke--we couldn't grasp them and they kept sliding away. And now, not only am I worried about where the snake went but I'm also thinking there must be a ton of cat poop in the closet and there are wads of cat hair everywhere!

So we herded them toward the front door (we are now in my parents house, which in my dream was my house--weird, I know....).  They didn't want to go out the front door--We would shove some out and as soon as we tried to put more out, they would come back in.  So I said, "Hey!  I have an idea!  Let's put them out the back door!"

So we headed toward the back door and all those cats followed us and ran out the back door!  (maybe the snake was on the front porch???  Don't know).

It was twilight.  It's always twilight in my dreams.  The lights are dim and everything looks watery.  Perhaps because I"m dreaming at night and don't have my glasses on.  

As I said, it was twilight.  The cats all run out the back door and kind of stood in a group in the yard and a flock of CHICKENS fly down and light amongst the cats.  The chickens just wander around, pecking at the ground and the cats continue to slink and flow, in and out among the chickens but for some weird reason, all these animals stay together in a kind of weird grey and white flock.

They wander out to the side yard and at last I spot the missing snake--still tied in a knot around the hanger and glowing a bit near the tree row in the side yard.

THEN, our neighbor(really my parent's neighbor--aren't you paying attention?) drives up and says "hop in."  So we do and we head back down the road to her house.  I notice that she is driving really slowly and kinda meandering all over the road so I look out the front window of the car.  I notice little holes all over the road.  And popping out of the holes and running about in the road are CHIPMUNKS!

As we are carefully driving to avoid smashing the chipmunks, I notice that birds are dive-bombing the chipmunks.  Blue birds and sparrows (or maybe it was robins, I'm not sure) are dive-bombing the chipmunks who run like mad to get back in a hole in the road.  Most of them anyway.  Some chipmunks are brave--they set up on their bottoms and chatter excitedly at the robins and bluebirds (or sparrows).  And some even shake their little fists and swing at the sparrows and robins (or bluebirds).  (picture Chip and Dale (DISNEY--Not the Chippendales)).

Then we turned into the neighbors yard and...

The alarm went off and I woke up.

All that on two Extra Strength Tylenol!

It's true!!!  I did dream it!  Do you think I can make this stuff up???

And thank you for with-holding any psycho-analysis of my dreams.


Crazy Sister said...

That is super mega awesome! From exploding cat boxes onwards, just WOW.

KiteFlyer said...

Since you asked us to refrain from analyzing it, I have no comments.

Givinya De Elba said...

Aaah! Snake!

I didn't take much in after that bit.


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