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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Missive to a Former Friend Who is No Longer Welcome

Dear Summer,

We used to be friends, you and I.  I longed for your visit during the cold days of winter.  I wished to feel your breezes when I felt the urge to murder, throttle, discipline teenage children too strongly during the school year.
I missed those long, lazy days we used to spend together.

But now, Summer, you've outstayed your welcome.  You have blasted us with heat, heat and more heat while withholding those lovely thundershowers which gave us a welcome respite from the sun's rays.  Oh sure, your cerulean skies fill up with those towering thunderheads. But you're holding out on us, Summer!  You know those thunderstorms filled with lightning and thunder and blasts of cool air?  And rain?  Where are they?

It's time to go, dear Summer.  I know it's earlier than usual, but we are ready for Fall to make her appearance.  We are ready for unseasonably cool temperatures--as in less than triple digits.

That's right, Summer.  I'm kickin' you to the door.  School is back in session anyway so tell Fall to get here quicker than quick!

Call me again next March.  I might be missing you by then.


p. s.  In spite of everything else, I must compliment you on mornings.  The sunrises have been unusually beautiful lately.


Crazy Sister said...

I'm ready for her, send her over!

Rebecca D said...

I feel for all of you in that part of the country this summer. Not enough to leave the fairly temperate part of the Maine coast I was basking in... But I did feel bad for you guys when Id see the national weather map.
PS. I found you on the Lumberjack Wife's blog. Nice to meet you.(Sorry about that rubbing our cool temps in the face thing... Probably not a great way to introduce yourself.)

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