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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Post about Nothing

I have a headache.
We had chicken fried steak for supper and I hate making it and now my house smells like fried food--ick.
There are crazy maniacs at school.  Some of them are teachers.  Some days it is me.
You cannot joke with a teenager whom you have just gotten onto.  (spelling?  Grammar? )
I am immune to hateful teenage looks from teenagers who can't take a joke.
I scoff at them.  Yes.  Scoff.
My hair and clothes smell like fried food--ick.
My legs are twitchy cause I want to go to sleep.
But I can't cause I need to take a shower and get rid of that fried food smell.
I also want to read something and not waste time sleeping.
Children are riding around our circle driveway on their bikes, which I really don't mind.
I wish the children wouldn't ride around it though cause I'm afraid I might back over someone someday.
So I'm tempted to be the grumpy lady who yells at the children to get out of my yard.
But it's for their safety, really.  I'm not grumpy.
Or not much anyway.
Just when I have a headache, am sleepy and am inundated with fried food smell.

p. s.  Don't be impressed 'cause we had chicken fried steak.  It was of the frozen variety and we were doing a taste test.  In case of taste testing questionable meat products, it is advisable to have lots of gravy and/or ketchup on hand.


Keetha Broyles said...

you are hilarious!

I'd rather smell like fried food than my hubby's cigar.

KiteFlyer said...

Mmmm! Chicken-fried steak... I may just have to odorize our house with it tonight. Thanks Dawn!
It's nice to look forward to cooking something that everyone in the house (i.e., both of us) will eat.

Hilary said...

You always make me laugh. What's funny about chicken fried steak, weird teenagers, and kids riding bikes? I don't know ,but somehow your posts always make me laugh!

Marilyn said...

Mmmmmm, chicken fried steak sounds sooooo goooood!!!!!!

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