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Sunday, October 30, 2011

C'Mon Get Happy! It's Halloween!

I'm afraid you're gonna think this blog is all about me!  Me, Me, Me!  I use the word "I" way too much, I realize.  

But, after all, it's MY blog and "I" can write about whatever "I" choose too, right??

Besides, I can't think of anything else.  

Since it's dress-up time, I had to share these pictures with you.  We are having "Twunk or Tweat" at church on Halloween Night and Sarah came over to get a costume from the costume closet.  (Yes, I have a closet devoted to costumes, don't you?  It's the one cool thing (or perhaps eccentric) my daughters can brag about on me!  When your family is in plays and likes to play dress up for various occasions, it just seems to make sense to have a costume closet! Besides there's all those awesome vintage (old and ugly) clothes to be had for pennies at garage sales and thrift stores!!!)

So, Sarah was getting one of my old bridesmaid dresses to be Princess Peach.  She and Jake are making their pickup into a castle and will be Princess Peach and Luigi (or is it Mario...) for their "Twunk or Tweat" vehicle.  I think we will be clowns.  Or perhaps Wizard of Oz characters.  Or something.  No plan is yet in place.  Hopefully we will know before 5:00 on Monday Evening!

While looking for the perfect old prom/bridesmaid dress to portray Peach, Sarah tossed a random assortment of clothes out in the floor and these two items fell together!  They were destined to be an outfit even though each had been tossed/thrown carefully stored in the closet at separate times.

Behold!  Shirley Jones, AKA Shirley Partridge!
(please ignore the scary eyes...Les took this with his iPhone.  Or perhaps it was an eyePhone.....)

"I think I love you so what am I so afraid of?
I'm afraid that I'm not sure of,
A love there is no cure for......"

Then Shirley decided to work on a new composition while she waited on the kids to get home from school and Reuben Kincaid to come over and check out her newest costume idea before the big tour!

Can you believe this awesome outfit was free??????  What was someone thinking?  (This comment could apply  equally to the tosser and the taker of the garments!!!)

It is a family tradition to hit up junk shops, thrift stores, garage sales and antique shoppes when on Fall Break.  While visiting an antique store last weekend, a man came in and was talking about his garage sale.  My aunt asked him for the address.  He said he was finished with the sale but we were welcome to come and take whatever we wanted!

It was like heaven.  Well, perhaps heaven will be cleaner, better organized and have higher quality stuff, but still!  Most of those amazing props used in the Silly Story "A Very Busy Camp" were free!  Can you believe I didn't even have to pay a dime for Mr. T?  Can you believe I actually own a Mr. T. Doll?  I never dreamed I would, that's for sure!  I admit that I would never purchase one, but you never know when a free Mr. T doll might just be the thing you need!

You would be amazed at the great stuff my mom, sister, aunt, niece and family friend hauled out of that garage.  Probably you would be amazed that we took it.

But it was fun!

And how awesome is that skirt, anyway?  It was a perfect fit--meant obviously for me!

My husband is so proud......


Paula said...

Heeeeeey,I think I Love You. So what am I so afraid of. I'm afraid that I'm not sure of a "look" there is no cure for.

Sigh...I loved the Partridge Family.

Relyn said...

I love the idea of princess peach. Love it.

Andi said...

I thought the scary eyes were simply part of the costume!!

See, it's all how you spin it!

Marilyn said...

That skirt is YOU. I have been reading about other families and their "fall break" traditions. I bet no one has more fun than our family at the stores and garage sales that we find.

Crazy Sister said...

Very scary!

Shelley said...

I love the Shirley Partridge look. Only you would have made the exotic skirt come to life in such a funny way.

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