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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Very Busy Camp!

Mr. T. went camping.  
He was grilling a nice trout over his campfire for supper.

An elk came by so Mr. T. decided to go hunting.   

While he was gone, a couple of cowboys dropped in. 
The cowboys preferred beans and steak for grub instead of fish, so they left. 

Old Santy and one of his reindeer came along, but the weather was a bit warm for them.
they flew out of sight.

Goldilocks and her friend were walking through the woods and saw a lovely campfire with a fish cooking over it and decided to have a snack.

"I wonder who this camp belongs to?" Goldilocks asked her friend?
Suddenly, she had the eerie feeling that someone was looking over her shoulder.  
Slowly, she turned her head and...

"EEK!"  Screamed Goldilocks!
"AAAH!" screamed Goldilocks' friend!
"Ruff, Ruff."  "Yap, Yap" barked the puppies!

"Someone's sitting on my log!  Someone's warming by my fire! 
I hope no one has eaten my fish!"bellowed Mr. T.  
He was in a bad mood because he had missed the elk by a long shot.  
He was afraid his friends were going to call him Mister Completely instead of Mr. T.!  

The End!
Such as it is....
Cause I ran out of pictures.

Special thanks to Popcorn and Bookworm for their assistance in setting up and loaning props 
for this ridiculous, nonsensical story.  


Andi said...

I love it!!

Paula said...

Fun fun FUN!

Sarah Kamolz said...


Freckled Hen said...

Love, love love! Growing up I loved those Barbie books with the real pictures...your story is much more adventurous!

Marilyn said...

To think your found all of those good things at the fun places we visited in town.

Ashley said...

This is fun!

KiteFlyer said...

Darn. Not single fool was pitied.

Funny story, though. :)

(Word verification: expubbie; who says I'm an EX pubbie?)

Shelley said...


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