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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gratuitous Sleeping Cat Photo

Original Gratuitous Sleeping Cat Photo

Feel free to repost to your own blog, use as a screensaver, iphone wallpaper, pin to your Pinterest board, whatever you like! 

Just kidding.  I'm feeling silly! 

Well, actually, if you want to use it for anything stated above, go ahead.  

Here ya go:  I've enhanced the photo so you can have the pick of the litter (get it....litter....of kittens.....).  

Just please don't make any money off my awesome photographic skills.

'So Fresh and Colorful'  Sleeping Cat Photo

'Old-Fashioned girl'  or 'Victorian Maiden' Sleeping Cat Photo

'Soft Focus' Sleeping Cat Photo

Since Les isn't home, let's not tell him about the cat sleeping on the couch, okay?  It's kinda forbidden!

Hey!  I almost forgot to tell you!  Les and Molly called last night!  All the way from around the world and they sounded as if they were in the room right next to me!  Heehee!  (When we called Les' Memaw from Hawaii, she couldn't even listen to us because she was so busy marveling over the fact that we sounded so clear!) 

Our conversation consisted of two minutes where we said such meaningful things as "Did you ever get sick?" "Yes, it's really me." and "Ok, gotta go, I'll let Molly talk now."

Molly told me in her 30 second speech that she visited with a guard at a bank and they talked about their shared faith.  He said he was sure she would be back to Kenya again.

Darn her and her missionary ways.  Stupid call to Missions.

Just kidding!



Andi said...

So glad to hear from the through third party blog reading! Love the cat photos! Hey, instead of going camping, hows abouts you come clean my house? I don't wanna do it!

Andi said...

hear from them...hear from them...

Good grief, I should proof read.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Aw, how sweet! Now I want to take a nap on a couch!

KiteFlyer said...

Soft focus. Perfect for cats, sleeping or otherwise, since they view themselves as starlets.

Glad they're having a great time.

And don't you know you deflate the impact of the pun by calling attention to it?

Great, I just let the cat out of the bag about my pun-secret.

Paula said...

I looooove that black and white photo. It feels like I am looking something that was in a great grandma's box of pix. It would have been a total accident because film would not have been wasted on a cat...cool shot

Freckled Hen said...

Awww, sleeping kitties are the best. I'm glad you got to hear from your loved ones.
Andi commented we have similar couches...it's true! The funny thing ours was originally blue plaid and I had it reupholstered while living in Turkey. I bought the fabric from a tiny store in an alley from a man who never stopped smoking. Seriously!

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