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Friday, October 07, 2011

Horrifying and Fascinating!

I was out in the backyard this evening, filling the bird feeder and being disgusted with the number of mole and gopher mounds, runs, and just torn up places in the yard from them.  This poor plant below has lasted through an amazing number of blights this summer.  This part of the flower garden gets the same amount of water as the rest but is always excessively dry.  I'm theorizing that perhaps there is a giant mole den beneath it and the water just drains away.  But then if that were the case, there wouldn't be a mole den there, would there?  

I keep pulling this weed out of the middle of the rose moss and it just keeps growing back.  

So I noticed that on top of everything else, a mole had made a run all the way around the plant.  I was pushing the dirt down with my feet and a crawling critter made it's way to the top of the plant away from my stomping shoe.

You can barely see it there in the midst of the pathetic looking flower--a wolf spider covered with babies.  I've never seen this before--my sister has horror stories about them but I've missed out.  And I'll say, I'm so glad I saw this outside and not in the house!

Warning--I really want you to get the horrifying and fascinating aspect of this natural phenomenon so I've cropped and enlarged the spider.

If you don't like close up creepy crawly pictures you'd better stop now!

I tried to warn you!  Isn't that just horrifying?  And yet fascinating at the same time!

Here's the loving mother from the front.

My skin is crawling from enhancing these pictures!  My feet itch, my hair is creepy feeling and I'm grossed out.

Yet so amazed at the things that God created.  Every creature has a part to play in the world.

Even Spiders.

Even Moles.

Even ticks and bed bugs.

(Are you itchy yet???)


Paula said...

eeeek. She is reminding you that halloween is around the corner.

Andi said...

How on earth did you get this close for a picture? You could totally turn this in to a wildlife photo place and win an award I'm sure! Love it!

Keetha Broyles said...

I do HATE spiders but this was really interesting. Most spiders lay their eggs and then die or at least abandon them. Guess I need to google this wolf spider reproduction pattern.

KiteFlyer said...

I'm glad you cropped it, because I clicked on the picture, then zoomed it to 200% and still didn't see it! I think my mind was subconsciously keeping me from seeing it. I'm not "afraid" of them where I can't kill them, but that doesn't mean I let them live, either.
Plus, you mean moles aren't good for the lawn? I thought they've been helping me keep the lawn aerated. Hmmm....

Marilyn said...

The wolf spider carries its sack around until it hatches. when it hatches the babies cling to their mother. This is the time of year that you see them. It is also a great time to watch the triantula too. Remember picking up your dads hat with a triantula under it. He loved to have fun with you kids doing that.

Givinya De Elba said...

No Dawn! No no! Not ticks and bed bugs!!! (Runs from room screaming!) "Eeek! Get it off! get it off!!"

Freckled Hen said...

I can't believe I looked at those pictures...that is the creepiest spider ever!

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