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Monday, October 03, 2011

When Holiday Decorations Run Amuck

Observed at a local dollar store:

Christmas and Halloween--polar opposites in the spiritual aspects of Holiday observances


Andi said...

Were they really right beside each other?

And I'm NOT taking the dog out, except after Brent leaves for work. However, I am still awake when she whimpers to be let out, and I stay awake when she yelps for about five minutes after being put back in her crate...And that cycle repeats every two hours.

Freckled Hen said...

That is wrong!

KiteFlyer said...

Next, someone will come out with an animated skull that sings "O Holy Night."

There's just something unsettling about walking into a store - around Labor Day, no less - and seeing all the Halloween items, and then turning a corner to find a Christmas display.

Paula said...

When were you here???? I swear I just saw the same thing. Scandalous.

Dawn said...

I saw it last week. It wasn't really that close together but on the same aisle!

Relyn said...

amuck. I love that you use amuck. I just love people with a good vocabulary.

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