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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Afternoon at the Castor's

I'm cold.  I wish I had a fire in the fireplace but that would mean someone would have to go out and bring in some wood.  And then someone would have to eventually clean out the ashes and clean the soot and smoke off the glass fireplace doors.  And since my name is a synonym for someone, I guess that I will just put on an extra sweater and my slippers.  And find a blanket.

Yesterday's high was 71 degrees.  Today's so far is 36.  Cold chill!

My husband is napping in the chair, which is why he won't be carrying in firewood or doing any of the other -fireplace-ish stuff.  He loves Lifetime movies.  And right now there is some trashy murderous movie on Lifetime playing on the TV that he is obviously not watching but if I turn it off he will be wide awake and wonder why I turned it off.  Because he was listening too it.  Next up after "Lies My Mother Told Me" is "Terror in the Family" and then "The Pastor's Wife.  All stories of lovely families with a murderer in their midst..... Oh well, at least it's not football.  But these movies make me feel all negative and angry.  Have I ever told you how easily influenced I am by movies and books.  And advertising.

I am so tempted to buy anything advertised with an Eddie Bauer/Lands End, outdoorsy type theme.  Then I look at the price.  And consider if I really will be snowboarding or heli-skiing in the near future.  And reconsider.  But it would be good to look at least as if I were such a sportish person, right?

He was watching football last night.  With his eyes open and everything.  I had to leave the room.  He has evidently forgotten that one of the reasons I married him was because he did not watch football.  I'm not sure what to do about this breach of contract.

Hey!  I've switched channels to "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and he didn't even notice!  Yay!  Much better.

I must cease and desist this blogging for today.  I must read the chapter of the book for our church book study and I'm online Christmas shopping and looking at Pinterest and checking out the Eddie Bauer Airstream trailer online.

Busy, busy, busy!

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Andi said...

The best thing about our ceramic logs is that I don't have to haul wood or clean up the fireplace. Granted, I pay for the gas, but it is just so tidy and easy!

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