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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bragging on a Bargain

I was at the thrift store looking for teacups when I spotted this box.

I peeked inside, and sure enough, it really was what the magic marker said it was!
I hurriedly shoved it under my coat before anyone could see it and headed for the checkout line.  
Okay, not really.

Look at the purple pile.  Can you see the paper stuck to the fabric?  A bit of original  feed sack label perhaps?

  I wasn't wearing a coat and I didn't want to be accused of shoplifting and there was hardly anyone else in the store.    But I did keep a VERY close eye on it while I was digging through the books! 

(You might wonder why I was looking at the books because it is clear that I have plenty since I'm willing to tear and shred them for craftiness.  But yes, I do look at books everywhere I go!  I'm greedy that way!  And I found some treasures, just so you'll know.  That won't be torn, shredded, pasted or anything else.)

I didn't really look at my treasure till I got home, but in the box were 52 completed flowers and 23 little stitched together bundles of hexagons to make a total of 75 flowers.  There was also a needle with a bit of thread and the cardboard hexagon template with a very curious old fashioned lady on it.   

I love Flower Garden quilts and always wanted one!
Now I can make my very own!  All those little pesky hexagons are already cut out.
Except for the ones that separate the flowers.

And except for the fact that these are all sewn together by hand with tiny, even stitches.  
And I can't see well enough to sew by hand much.  Cause I'm oldish.
And the fact that there are forty other unfinished projects (not necessarily started by me, just like these quilt pieces) in my crap craft closet (which is highly organized, comparatively, to other craft closets).  

Perhaps my grandchildren would love to sew together a Flower garden quilt using pieces of authentic 20th century fabric purchased by a 21st century person.

Wonder what the quarter that I spent on this box will be worth according to inflation?  
Wonder what these pieces cost the original owner of this fabric?  

Wonder if I will work on it a bit and someone will just sell it for a pittance at some garage sale.  


Sarah Kamolz said...

So cool! You should do "Braggin' on a Bargain" every Thursday! Don't tell me you don't have enough to post! Haha!

KiteFlyer said...

Dawn, I hate to tell you, but your timing is off. The week before you found it, someone had left a box of fabric scraps there. Then every night after the shop closed, the Bargain Shop Elf would come out and was slowly (in elf speed) turning it into a quilt. If you'd come back a week later, you would've found a finished quilt, and then you wouldn't need to worry about tiny stitches.

(Just like cobblers have shoe shop elves, I'm sure there's also a bargain shop elf.)

Andi said...

I'm pretty sure the girls "crap" cabinet would give you hives...

Do you know none of our junk stores sell their stuff as cheaply as yours??

Marilyn said...

You have to go there everyday to find the bargains. Lucky you found instead on someone that will make it and sell it for a small fortune.

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