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Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Week...

I'm so tired!  Remind me to never again have Freshmen and Sophomores doing research in the library 7 days in a row!  I've still got three to go!

Did you know that librarians are cheerleaders, naggers, dinner host-ers, lightbulb changers, doorknob fixers, picture shrinkers, book pushers, student advocates, brick carriers, computer programmers, app searchers, free stuff beggars, chair repairers, nose wipers, techno-wiz's, paper reader's, information advisers and parental stand-ins?  Sometimes all within the same class period.  Especially if there's at least forty students in the library?  (not really about the nose wipers but I do advise some students to go check themselves out in the mirror in the back room.  If you know what I mean....)

This has been an up and down week.

Highlight of the week:  Sophomore student who was previously in my reading class is citing (writing a bibliography entry) a book for his history class.  (info:  said student is a wee bit hyper (this is a wee bit of an understatement)).  The room is filled with college recruiters setting up tables for college lunch for Seniors. (Yes, the library is a hopping place!)

He yells out (because of course that is what all teenagers do eyeroll) "Hey, I remember this!  You taught us this last year!"

I darn near swooned!  I was so proud.  In spite of the yelling.  I had taught something someone actually learned!  And it's so amazing that sometimes the 'someone' who learned something is not high on the list of suspected learners!

Low blow of the week:  I'm prodding Freshmen in English to actually write on their note cards.  I move about the room, checking source cards, looking at note cards, reminding them to punctuate and add page numbers and what have you.

Smiling student:  "Go away, you're getting on my nerves and I didn't ask for your help."  And his eyes weren't smiling......  There's something really creepy about someone being deliberately rude while smiling.

By the way, I didn't go away.  Smiling student did.  He forgot that it is my room.

Lesson for the day:  Some times nagging works.  Sometimes nagging backfires.

He just better not ask for help in the future.

Not that I'm vengeful.

Now for the "Helpful Hint of the Day."

Most of you...  Oh let's get real--probably all of you "It Just Dawned on Me" readers are past the ages of needing this hint most likely but I must share the awesomeness that is known as "EasyBib."

Remember typewriters?  Remember having to type a list of the books you used while researching and having to make sure that everything was in order and error free?  Didn't you hate that?

Do you even remember that?????


1. Install the EasyBib app for free on your iPhone.
2. Open the app and point your phone camera at the handy-dandy barcode on the back of  book.  You know--the one they would scan at the store.  Not the library label barcode, silly.
3.  Wait a minute while the app takes the picture and automatically cites your source in MLA, APA, or Chicago style.
4.  I KNOW!!! Who ever thought that Bibliography making/source citing could be soooo muuuuuchhh fun!!!  No writing.  No typing.  No hunting through one of those pesky guides to remind you of punctuation and capitalization rules.
5.  Email the citation to yourself, copy it into your Bib page and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

I realized just now what is wrong with this week.  I have had to go to school for five days!  For the previous four weeks, I have had one day off a week for Fall Break, taking people to the airport, Parent Teacher Conference, taking people wedding dress shopping......  Man!  A five day week is hard!

Just out of curiosity, will you please let me know if you find anything about this post interesting?

Wait.  Did that sound needy???


Paula said...

I am totally into Bib. Our department requires APA. Many of the students in my class are from other majors. They don't get the difference....but now they don't have to. They can let your phone app do the work and that is just fine with me.

Yea for the surprise learner! In my book, those are the ones that make it all worth while.

oh and palla is my word verification...FUN!

Marilyn said...

I always find your post interesting.

Andi said...

I love that app...Even though I don't have to cite anything right now...But I'm sure my children will VERY soon...Except will she be cheating if she uses the app?

I was shocked about the nose wiping until you 'fessed up...

So. Yes. I found the post interesting.

Oh...And I will have to be at work four whole days this week after three weeks of three day weeks...Do you think perhaps a child will get sick so I can stay home? And do you think said child will then pay my bills?

Me neither.

KiteFlyer said...

Totally interesting.

Please continue to teach the painful bib way to the students. It really irks me that most students don't know how to do long division because their teachers gave them calculators in second grade.

I mean, come on, what will they do after the zombie apocalypse and calculators don't work anymore?

I refuse to say, "If was good enough for me, it's good enough for them." 8^)

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