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Monday, November 14, 2011

Seven Things You Don't Know About Me

My sister Andi knows I'm in a blogging slump so she has passed on a reward.  It's a questionable reward if you ask me.  It's a reward that sounds remarkably like a punishment assignment.  Hmmmm.  As a public school librarian, I've seen this trick before.

But what the hey--I'll play along because, as I said, I'm having writer's block or bloggers block or something.

1. I'm a great listener.  You can tell me anything.  Unless I'm thinking about Pinterest or the dream I had last night or that book I'm reading.  Then you can still tell me anything and I will nod and make the appropriate sympathetic noises but I won't remember the conversation later.  But that makes me a terrific listener--right?  So discreet!
2.  I am thrilled when all my hangers match and my shirts hang the same direction!
3.  My career as a librarian has made me a wee bit obsessive about organization in my personal life.
4.  I fantasize about the good old days of education when kids stood in corners, had their heads thumped and got busted at home and at school.
5.  The thought of being confined or restrained horrifies me.  In fact the picture of a person wearing a straight jacket--shudder.
6.  The sight of an empty stage makes me want to grab a microphone.  An long empty hallway begs me to do cartwheels.  So to keep myself safe, I never go to school alone.  Who knows what would happen?
8.  I'm really bad at numbers.  Like, really bad--I might have numerical dyslexia.  Or it might just be dislikia.....Bwahahaha!  I crack myself up! Which is a good thing cause no one else is laughing with me these days.

And since I can't blog without pictures:  For your viewing pleasure, my husband, daughter and mother-in-law in Kenya!  I love these people!


KiteFlyer said...

#2 sounds like my daughter. She prefers hangers that are all the same color. So much so, that she bought all new hangers when going to college.

#3 - you remember you showed us pictures of your crafting closet, right? 8^)

#5 - you probably had a hard time watching Silence of the Lambs

Definitely seven things I didn't know about you.

Dawn said...

I almost threw up watching the very beginning!

Dawn said...

About #3--Darn you and your remembering ways, Radar!

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