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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Police pt. 2

In which I confess my life of crime to impressionable teenagers.

You see, I hung around with an older group of college students.  I was 19.  They were 20, 21, 22....one was even.....25.  Yes.  A quarter of a century old.  I can't believe they allowed me to be part of the group that included the campus SGA president and one grad student.  First, I was just someone's girlfriend but then they came to love me for my sparkling wit and fearless zest for living.  (Did I tell you how shy and quiet I used to be?)  Or was I eye candy?  Hmmm.......

One September evening, shortly after school resumed for the year...(or it might have been October, right after Fall Break), we were sitting around Beck's house, pondering our evening activities.  (Choices--Walmart, drive-in movie theatre, regular movie theatre, two or three bars that we did not frequent, BSU or some other such college student center type place or sit in Beck's living room and watch MASH reruns).  Someone (probably the SGA president) suggested we toilet paper our Baptist Student Union Director's house.

I'm sure I didn't want to.  I didn't like to be in trouble.  But I did like my 'cool' crowd.  I also don't like to make messes.  I also probably did not have money to buy toilet paper to throw up in the air and decorate trees.  And besides, Larry (BSU director) would be mad at me.  He was sometimes annoyed with others in the group, but not me.  (I thought and hoped, cause I'm a good girl, ya know)

But we piled into a couple of cars, armed to the teeth with jumbo rolls of Charmin (well, probably not Charmin since we were poor college students after all).  As masters of mischief, the drivers knew to park the cars a ways from the victim's home--far enough to not be detected, near enough to not be noticed carrying toilet paper, and near enough to run like heck once the deed was done.  (or did we walk there?  I cannot recall, but driving sounds more exciting because when we make our getaway, can't you hear the tires squeal in the darkened streets? )

I'm sure I was wimpy.  I'm also pretty sure that since I'm not at all athletic, that my toilet paper did not go very high or far when flung.  And I'm pretty sure that I was laughing hysterically which is what happens when I'm supposed to be quiet.

There we were on that cool, fall night, gleefully tossing toilet paper rolls into the air, festooning trees and house with streamers of white.

Suddenly, the porch light snapped on.


Keetha Broyles said...

Uh oh - this sounds like the beginning of a true life of crime - - -

Very well written and funny!

KiteFlyer said...

Oooo! A cliffhanger! I can't wait to find out what happened next!

Word verification: thmnitsl - pronounced, "them nits" (the "l" is silent), an adjective describing your "'cool' crowd."

Freckled Hen said...

I can't wait until the police car part, this is very exciting!

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