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Monday, January 30, 2012

An Incident Involving the Police

This past week was the first of the spring semester marathon research sessions in the library.  From the second week of January till April, our library is pretty much hopping with eager learners, digging deep into books and web pages, devouring information and writing amazing papers that the instructors are thrilled to read.

(Did I ever tell you that I dream of writing fiction?)

Ah, well, a girl can dream, can't she?

Perhaps the learners aren't eager.  And I don't want them hopping.  (I had a few students in reading last semester that were 'hoppers' and I really wished I had an ADHD medicine dispenser machine!)  But in truth, the library is very, very busy second semester.  There's often more than one class per hour, I have no breaks and if my seat hits the chair, someone is likely to be standing there at my office door requesting assistance.  And I love it, mostly!

Last week a class of sophomores were researching careers.  I was sitting beside a student at the computer (in a vain attempt to encourage him to work instead of chat) who was researching law enforcement.  He said (jokingly, I'm sure) that when he became a policeman, he was going to arrest me.  I said he wouldn't because I'm good and he'd not catch me doing anything 'arrestable.' (and I'm not joking)

Student:  You're always good?  Surely you partied in college.
Me:  I'm always good.  I don't like to be in trouble.  No.  I didn't party in college--unless wild MASH dress up parties at the Baptist Student Union count.
Student:  I can't believe you never partied.  You never spent the night in jail or anything?  (Ummmm, Seriously?????  Surely he didn't really think I'd ever spent the night in jail.  Surely he was putting off doing his assignment.  Remember--he's supposed to be doing one--I'm supposed to be encouraging working)
Me:  Well.  There was that one time.  But I didn't go to jail.  I just 'got' to ride in the policeman's car.

to be continued......


Andi said...

And THAT story is your next blog, right?

Dawn said...


Keetha Broyles said...

Sounds like our younger lives were clones of each other - - -minus the ride in the police car for me!


KiteFlyer said...

Methinks you didn't run fast enough. (whistle, whistle)

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